February 23, 2017

Orion 4 d’s


The Orion 4ds is an evolution from the original Orion 3. The Orion-4 uses a “W” frame design for the woofer mounting to reduce cabinet vibration. The “W” frame has woofers mounted horizontally and in a dipole configuration so vibration is canceled. Each Orion-4 weighs 90 lbs. and uses five SEAS drive-units: two soft-dome tweeters, a magnesium-cone midrange unit, and two long-throw 10″ woofers especially developed by SEAS for the open-baffle loading used by Linkwitz. The crossover frequencies are 90Hz and 1440Hz and the tweeters, the midrange unit, and each woofer are driven independently, though the woofers can be paralleled to allow tri-amping if only six amplifier channels are used.

The Orion speaker systems exceed the performance of significantly more expensive speakers due to the selection of drivers, the open baffle design, and the latest dsp technology to effortlessly manage crossover and timing.

ORION:  The Orion-4 speaker has seamless integration over the whole frequency range, with impactful dynamics, a speaker that sets up a wide, tall and deep sound stage, yet with pin point localization of instruments and voices, with speed and warmth. The speakers disappear and what remains is the panorama of sound and the experience of music. Combined with its relatively small size and its looks it represents the ultimate speaker to many Orion owners because it provides such a satisfying musical illusion and experience.


The Orion 4ds


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