February 23, 2017



The LXmini was designed to render sound recordings with clarity, neutrality and with detailed, 3D-like imaging. When you combine this brilliant Linkwitz design with unique hand-selected hardwood, you end up with stunning stereo magic.

These speakers have been ordained “The Giant Killer” and once you experience their full deep sound, you’ll understand why. Like most of us, when you first hear the sound emanating from this relatively small stereo set-up, you’ll look around to see if there are other speakers in the room – because you simply won’t believe the giant sound. In fact, our LXminis were voted Best Value Component at the 2017 California Audio Show, and were voted runner-up in Best Industrial Design and Most Innovative Product.

This was no accident. With Linkwitz’s vast knowledge and experience, he was able to see the potential of high performance drivers manufactured by SEAS, and then with the skill of a great conductor, orchestrate the design and electronics to create a truly magical speaker.


LXminis/per pair


We can custom build a pair of LXminis out of the hardwood of your choice.

Contact us to discuss wood and finish options.