February 23, 2017

LXminis w/Subs


When you start with the incredible sound of the LXminis and then add quality subwoofers, you take incredible to the next sonic level.

The LXmini w/subwoofers is a 3-way loudspeaker designed to render sound recordings with clarity, neutrality and with detailed, 3D-like imaging. The horizontal and vertical off-axis frequency response, which is heard via the room, is spectrally neutral. Thus, listening off-axis merely changes the viewing angle to the phantom acoustic scene rendered by the seemingly absent loudspeakers.

We are currently offering two LXmini subwoofers options. A open baffle forward facing driver version and a sealed cabinet downward firing version. Both provide deep rich intense bass. So pick the style that suits your taste and decor.

LXminis + Sub-Woofers


Custom built in matching hardwood of your choice, complete stereo magic.

Contact us to discuss wood and finish options.